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 Can I install the software on a new computer or more than one computer

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Q: Can i install VirtualDJ to more than one computer ?

The End User License Agreement (EULA) allows you to have the software installed on up to two computers at any one time, providing that they are both for your own personal use and will not be used simultaneously (E.g: Second installation as a backup or for practicing at home is OK, allowing a friend or another DJ to use it is NOT allowed.)

You may also uninstall the software from an old computer and then install it onto a new computer.

NOTE: If you intend to sell, give away or dispose of an old computer, you must remove VirtualDJ from it first (Except if the computer is no-longer functional.) To do this, follow the instructions for performing a clean re-installation of the software, stopping at the point where it tells you to download and re-install VirtualDJ again.

NOTE: If you need more than two installations (with a different person) working at the same time, then you will can purchase additional licenses to allow this.

You can download the install file for the software again (If needed) from the Download Center


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