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Q: I think my Account has been hacked. What should I do ?

It is your responsibility to keep your login account secure by using a strong password and not disclosing it to anybody or writing it down without disguising it, just as you would do for your bank account, PayPal, etc. Make sure that you always logout of the forums/website on computers which can be accessed by other people.

If somebody hacks into your account, steals your computer, etc. and obtains your account credentials and we discover that it has been made publicly available on the web, warez or other illegal sharing sites then it may be cancelled and you will need to purchase the software again in full.

Atomix Productions retains the right to lock and cancel any stolen/hacked/cracked License, and close the related users accounts without any refund. Atomix Productions may also take legal action against the appropriate users.

What should you do in such cases:
  • Change the password of your Account. Make sure you use a strong password preferably consisting of a mixture of upper/lowercase letters and numbers, e.g: Fr3d971dy. Avoid using plain words (E.g: Fred, Apple, etc.) or information that could easily be guessed by others such as dates of birth, etc.
  • Change your Account Email, in case you think that it has been hacked as well.

In case your password and/or your email has been changed and you cannot access your Account anymore, please Contact Support

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