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Q: Can i sell or give away my VirtualDJ License ?

Once purchased and registered, VirtualDJ Licenses are non-transferable and cannot be sold, given or transferred to another user. Doing so is a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA).

If you have purchased a second hand version of VirtualDJ, please return it back to the seller and demand a full refund. Then purchase your own license for VirtualDJ.

If you have purchased a second hand hardware MIDI controller and the VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) that originally came with it is already registered, then you will need to purchase your own license for VirtualDJ Pro Infinity, Pro Subscriber or Plus. You may still be able to upgrade at a discount if the previous owner did not take advantage of the discount offer. If you purchased your controller brand new, then please contact support for further advice.

Second hand and/or illegally shared copies cannot be registered and you will not be entitled to any software updates or be able to download any add-ons for the software.

IMPORTANT: VirtualDJ licenses are only legitimately sold via our official website http://www.virtualdj.com - If you have purchased VirtualDJ from anywhere else, then unfortunately you may have become the victim of fraud and have purchased a counterfeit, illegal pirate copy. If possible, please return it to the seller and demand a full refund, then purchase your own legitimate license for VirtualDJ directly from our website.

NOTE: Boxed versions of VirtualDJ LE (Limited Edition) are legitimately included with selected new hardware MIDI controllers.


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