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 Mac 4 Channel Audio

Q: I am using an Apple Mac and only channels 1&2 of my 4-out sound card are working

On an Apple Mac, a 4-out (2 stereo) multi-channel sound card may default to only 2 channels (1 stereo), preventing you from using it for Master +headphones or separate left/right deck outputs to an external DJ audio Mixer . If this is the case, you will need to configure the sound card in MacOS for 4 channel audio:

  • Go to Spotlight Search and type Audio MIDI Setup. Click on it in the list or press enter to open it.

  • In Audio MIDI Setup make sure that you are viewing Audio devices, not MIDI devices. If the audio window does not display, go to the toolbar at the top and select View Show Audio Devices

  • Select the sound card that you wish to change the audio properties for and select Output from the menu to the right

  • Check that the sound card is set to 44100.0 Hz and 4ch-16 bit Integer. A higher bit rate and sample rate can be used if the sound card supports it.

  • If the card is set to 2 channels (example: 44100.0 Hz 2ch-16 bit Integer) you will need to tell it to use 4 channels. Click on Configure Speakers... in the lower right corner.

  • Select Multichannel at the top, then click the drop down menu to the right of it.

  • Select Quadraphonic. The display will then change to show 4 separate channels instead of the original 2.

  • Click Apply, then click Done.

  • Exit out of the Audio MIDI Setup once you have made the desired changes.

If you are using a Timecode sound card with Timecode CD or vinyl, click on the INPUT tab and check that it is also set to 44100.0 Hz and 4ch-16 bit or whatever sample rate and bit rate that the card supports.

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