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Scratch DNA

Scratch DNA is a feature that lets you automate your Scratch sounds, and tinker with their "DNA". This allows you to create cool Scratch routines and apply them easily to your tracks or samples. Scratch DNA works as a transcription method for scratching using alphabetical letters.



The Scratch DNA syntax is easy-to-use letters to indicate how far Scratch movements should travel in distance and time (how far turntable movements should be applied). Uppercase letters represents movements with sound audible (as if crossfader was open), lower case letters represents movements with sound muted (as if crossfader was closed).
And a period (.) represents beat boundaries. Every period used will determine the end of a beat

Typically a Scratch sequence could then be represented as something like this : CaCa.CaCa. (where C is how big turntable movement to make with sound audible, and a returns to starting point with sound muted)


With the Scratch DNA action you can create your own custom routines using the "DNA" letters. You can map this action to any keyboard key or button on a controller.

From the example above, the action would be :
scratch_dna 'CaCa.CaCa.'

From this basic introduction example you start can build your own Scratch routines using uppercase letters for sound audible, lowercase letters for sound muted and periods for beat boundaries. Where each letter represents distance to Scratch and number of letters within a beat boundary (between period dots) represents how fast to Scratch .

Scratch PADS

The Scratch Pad page provides the ability to instantly trigger an automated, pre-defined Scratch in a single step. Each Pad will trigger a different Scratch variation that will play without disrupting the beat grid of the track, giving you the ability to experiment with different Scratch sounds while keeping the music flowing.

Clicking on the Pad Menu button reveals 3 options:

  • DNA Editor ... Opens the DNA Scratch Editor to create and edit Scratch patterns
  • Over When checked allows the Scratch to play over top of the track instead of cutting it
  • Quantized When checked keeps the Scratch on time to the tracks position

DNA Scratch Editor

The DNA Scratch Editor allows you to create, edit and customize automated Scratch routines. It is accessible from the Pad Menu of the Scratch Pad Page. The layout to the Editor is both unique and intuitive, allowing you to visualize your edits as you work.

For a complete explanation of the DNA Scratch Editor , please consult the User Manual.