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The controller definitions for dual-deck controllers such as the Hercules DJ Console RMX, Denon DN-HC4500, etc. are setup so that each button only needs to be mapped once (E.g: PLAY is mapped once to play_pause instead of needing to map it twice (Once for each deck.)

This is done for convenience and to make the mapping considerably simpler, because in most cases, the button, knob, etc. will perform the same function on both sides.

However, you can make a mapping perform different functions for each side by using device_side, e.g:

device_side 'left' ? sampler_play_stop : effect_active

On a dual deck controller with deck switch buttons that supports 4 decks, you may need to use leftdeck, e.g:

leftdeck ? sampler_play_stop : effect_active

This would make a button trigger a sample on the left side and effect on the right.

Of course, the action will be applied to appropriate deck based on which side it's on. You can also get around this by preceding the action with the following:

deck left to apply to left deck.
deck right to apply to right deck.
deck 1 to apply to deck 1.
deck 2 to apply to deck 2.
deck 3 to apply to deck 3.
deck 4 to apply to deck 4.
deck active to apply to the active deck (The one playing out live.)
deck default to apply to the default deck (The one being cued up/pre-listened to.)


device_side 'left' ? deck active sampler_play_stop : deck active effect_active

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