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Q. When I press SYNC the two songs do not beat match perfectly with each other

The automix and automatic beat synchronisation features of the software rely on accurate BPM and Computer Beat Grid (CBG) alignment.

No software can be 100% accurate all the time. The BPM analyser in VirtualDJ is very good and gets it right for the majority of popular music that has a distinct beat.

However, for music with more complex rhythms or less distinct beats, it is more difficult for a computer to work out by itself. Typically the BPM may be either twice or half as fast as the correct value and can easily be corrected by right-clicking on the BPM button of the appropriate deck and clicking the buttons to double or half the BPM respectively. Otherwise you can tap in time to the beat to set the BPM manually as the song plays.

If you are using the auto mixing or SYNC button, make sure that computer beat grid (CBG) (Squares under the main waveform) line up with the beats, and the first large square is lined up with the first beat of the song. If they do not line up, or the BPM looks incorrect, play the song and then click the BPM button on the default skin in time to the beat of the music, making sure that your first click is on the first 4/4 beat of the song.

NOTE: For some older music recorded with live drummers and real instruments it will not be possible to get the squares to line up perfectly throughout the entire song due to the varying tempo. This is also the case for any music that purposely starts off slowly and ends at a faster tempo, or vice-versa such as tracks from a pre-mixed compilation CD. Music like this is not suitable for automixing or using the SYNC button. You will need to beat match this music manually by ear or visually using the waveform (Use the pitch slider and/or pitch bend -/+ buttons to adjust the playback tempo and manually match the beats of the two songs with each other.)

For further information on manual beat matching and help/tutorials on DJ'ing in general, please see the Mix Lessons forum.

NOTE: If you are using more than 2 decks, check which deck is currently set as Master . The Master deck is the deck that all others will sync to when pressing SYNC. If it's set to the deck that you're pressing the SYNC button on, then obviously nothing will happen because the deck can't sync to itself!