Numark N4 User Mapping by DJHoeimark

Name: Numark N4 User Mapping by DJHoeimark
Autor: DJHoeimark - Professional edition user -

Datum hinzugefügt: Sun 10 Jun 12 @ 5:08 pm
letztes Update: Fri 19 Oct 12 @ 6:24 pm
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Hello :-)
And thanks - if you're about to download and use my mapper.

Here is a description of what has been done - hope you can use it :-) :

Well basicly added some easy looping funktions to the Numark N4. I found the mapping that came with Numark N4 really hard for a new thats why i changed some things! :-)

1. loop in=loop 0.125 ? nothing : loop 64 ? loop 32 : loop_half - meaning that it loops one loop back everytime to it's easy to jump down the road on a breakdown.

2. Loop out=loop 64 ? nothing : loop 32 ? loop 64 : loop_double - which means it will loop in a better way..say from a 4 loop to a 8 loop with one press.

Here is IN BASIC terms what i have done! :-)

1. I changed the loop, hence it always started from the beginning of the track eveytime i relooped i made a little fix, to make sure that i could actually lloop in, when i made these funktions on loop in and out, hence it needed a loop buttom. So i made the reloop buttom say Loop 4, so it loops 4 everytime you reloop, and you can go up and down with that number if you want it to start with say 8..then just say loop 8. :-)

3. Reloop - this is a bit difficult to understand exacly what i did :) but i put in a funktion so reloop loops automagicly to the loop you want it to be. Say you last loops in was 4 in VDJ and you want to change it here is how it's done:

loop in: will bring the loop down one level from 4-2 or 2-1 ;) a halft like the controller is actually ment to be done with.

Loop out: same princip as above just oppesite - 4-8 so you loop double :) pretty basic

Feel free to contract me if you have ideas for changes or so..i'll be happy to add things too! ;)

One of the main problems was that you had to press reloop twice to get it to loop out...and i found that so annoying :) anyway here is the fix :)

- These two steps i made bacause my N4 acted weird in VDJ, whenever i hit loop in and out, and quite frankly..that looping is for manual looping which is hard some djs..(me included!). Hopefully i have made something thats possible to learn easily, it should not be hard to jump between looping in and out now. :-)

Special thanks to the people involved in this project making it a better mapper for the N4 ;) i hope you can use this mapper :-)

//DJHoeimark - Soeren Hoeimark :)