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17\7\2008 MAJOR UPDATE
Hello my friends, I am going to release MixLab 3.1.
It is not 100% finished, and sadly it never will be. I have moved on to MixLab V4.
MixLab 3.1 is totally operational with VDJ/CUE 5.1. Key and Camalot information is there for example. Remember on many of my skins there are hidden panels so always try clicking on an area too see if it has hidden features. I am still thinking about public consumption of MixLab4 and will keep everyone updated. Cheers for all your support, Peace and Love

I am Back with Mix Lab V3.0 RC4 Testing Add 23\2\2008 MAJOR UPDATE
I am Back with Mix Lab V3.0 RC3 Testing Add 17\2\2008 MAJOR UPDATE
I am Back with Mix Lab V3.0 RC2 Testing Add 13\2\2008 MAJOR UPDATE
I am Back with Mix Lab V3.0 RC1 Testing Add 22\1\2008 MAJOR UPDATE