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It has worked for a very long time but I have to submit to Instagram a video of how it all works. Without that I can't release it officially. First I thought that was BS but it is what it is. Then did some recording for it but did not like it so I wrote a recorder for it so it would be how I wanted it lol. After doing that I have had much work to do outside of VDJ plugins and have not able to get back into that mindset wise.

I was about to email you back on that and will because can't say it all here in public. At the moment I am backed up with work and did take some time to post things here and there just to take a break. I have some work that has to be done by tomorrow and so in a couple days I will see about getting it together for Instagram. I have other things that are almost complete for TV as well but need to finish that to.

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 3:49 pm
Ok cool, I'll wait for your email.

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 5:32 pm

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 7:07 pm
Last question for now, can the Instagram window be separated from the Twitter window??

Basically I'd have my SMS and Twitter together in one window and have Instagram in another by itself so I could have the pictures at a perfect size.

My reason for wanting it that way is because if I have a small window for SMS/Twitter the pictures from Instagram might look weird or push out all of the other messages.

Looks good though!!

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 7:29 pm
No can't send the text to different panels... Just gets messy when you have 5 possibles going some where. But I had put the ability to send the images to any panel at one point for testing. Never followed up on it because I want TM and TV to go away in favor of NTV. But is taking so long I lightened up and will add some things to TM and TV still. I may add the ability to redirect the images but not sure when I will have the time.

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 8:06 pm
How much money is needed to get it the way I mentioned?? Lol!

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 8:09 pm
I could hire about 3 top notch programmers for about 300K for a year. Some are retired already but I could wake them up as we are still very close. Of course I would still work for near free :) Maybe need a sign: "Will work for food" haha

The other thing is I need to make a living because of reality. That can consume a great deal of time. I almost never want to do that because it can be boring. I want things to get done in a new and better way and has been the goal for years. This would be nothing if all I had to do was that and I had some of the people I used to work with helping. I have always worked on large projects.

Hard for me to believe but some software companies don't have an official test department. It is absolutely amazing how much time and money that can save. Everything is cataloged and maintained. The bugs are checked and rechecked to prevent regression. Programmers always do some testing but you want someone testing that is not so close to the code and someone who knows how to test. Beta testing is also a good thing but in no way can it replace real testing.

Another thing is you could just take a year or 2 off and come help. I will give you your own room and feed you. All other expenses are on you. You do the work around the house. I will help you to become a great tester. I will bounce ideas off you and vice-versa. You can gig for the neighborhood on weekends for free of course. Right now it's me and the dog and the dog knows more about what I do then the people around me. Should be no problem right :)

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 8:38 pm
I could probably do 6 months but not a year......

Free gigs aren't so bad as long as I play what I want ;-p after all I'm not getting paid.

Not sure how'd I explain this to the wife and kids yet but it's doable on my end.

Being a DJ is only a small percentage of what I do. There's times when I have 4 or 5 different jobs going on on top of a full time job!! I'm sure there's many others out here who do the same so it's not a big deal.

Have you maybe thought of getting a sponsor or a silent partner of some sort??

geposted Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 10:10 pm
What are the determining factors when it comes to having album art show up??

I have album art embedded but it doesn't show up, what do I need to do or look for or do to get this working??

If you need more details let me know and I'll post it up tonight or tomorrow.

geposted Fri 18 Aug 17 @ 3:36 pm
Every panel can display a background image or the VDJ video. Every panel can also display cover art. The cover art is taken from audio files that contain it and not for video files. When you have both cover art checked and also have an image, then the background image will fade out and cover art fades in. It remains until song is ended or the duration you have set for it expires. It uses one of the libraries for TellyMedia to display the cover art so that is why TellyMedia needs to be installed. I could just install the llibrary for TellyVisuals as well but remember trying to combine the two and more for the future.

geposted Fri 18 Aug 17 @ 7:25 pm
Ok it's because I'm using MP4's is the reason they won't show up, correct?

geposted Fri 18 Aug 17 @ 10:04 pm
When doing that we did not care about the cover art so much. We needed thumbnails at any time in the video. You are now the 3rd person who has asked about I think... Another person asked about it just the other day... years ago prior to that someone asked about. I will put it in as it is no problem.

geposted Fri 18 Aug 17 @ 11:04 pm
Ok Thanks, I just assumed a cover was a cover and didn't think mattered if it was audio or video.

geposted Fri 18 Aug 17 @ 11:18 pm
It does not matter really... just filtered out the cover art for video to save a little since the main thing people will see is the video and for interface we needed thumbnails.

geposted Sat 19 Aug 17 @ 12:18 am
I did a record test from TellyContainer using my own record code and it went well. The recorded video is very good. This in part is in preparation for the instagram video i need to create. I still have a lot of other work to do this week but will do some more work for instagram when i have the time.

geposted Sun 20 Aug 17 @ 11:37 am
Sounds good!

geposted Sun 20 Aug 17 @ 3:31 pm
I have a problem, it's seems as if Telly Visuals Prime 3.38 looses the Twitter connection after a few tweets.

I can see all my tweets via twitter but TV isn't showing them all.

Anything I should check for??

geposted Sun 27 Aug 17 @ 11:25 pm
jucenicPRO InfinityMember since 2012
How I can get the digital clock? The check mark won't go to digital clock option

geposted Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 6:24 am
Not sure Huey, never goes out here.

Clocks are not complete. Digital clocks do work but was not satisfied with it so it is disabled.

geposted Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 8:08 am

Not sure what's going on then because I can sit there watch it connect and reconnect.

Guess I'll figure it out.

geposted Mon 28 Aug 17 @ 10:42 am
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