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Next Generation Smart Skin. Beta Build 01. Audio Only.

Date added: Fri 25 Nov 16 @ 9:01 amLast update: Tue 29 Nov 16 @ 6:55 am

 GHOST OSD Edition

No full screen previews

O.S.D. is a skin for users with external controllers and mixers ONLY, as it doesn't feature many buttons and controls. It's main target is to be a supplementary part of your system's controller, and not just a plain "copy" of your controller's physica

Date added: Mon 11 Apr 11 @ 12:49 amLast update: Fri 07 Apr 17 @ 11:15 pm

 Controller by DennYo

A Big Multifunction Audio Video Skin with big Injog Time and BPM. A big thanks to all my german Beta Members and the great feedback from all Users. For saving your Skin settings read the Skin-Comments - Link on bottom.

Date added: Mon 19 May 14 @ 1:50 pmLast update: Fri 07 Apr 17 @ 11:13 pm


this skin based on 'Csuontroller by DennYo' and pports VDJ 8.2. It brings new gfx, new additional features and the brand new browser split mode. You are able to show browserparts as sampler, automix, playlist, karaoke.... separatly above the main browser.

Date added: Wed 07 Jan 15 @ 8:27 amLast update: Fri 12 Apr 19 @ 8:28 pm


No full screen previews

v 1.2 correction of song pos jog

Date added: Mon 02 Jun 14 @ 6:39 pmLast update: Tue 02 Dec 14 @ 5:10 am

 DN-MC6000 PRO 8

4 Decks Swapping skin. Sampler/Single and Multi FX (4 slots) Slicer panel Soported. Center area with mixer,video,scratch mode and toggle button to change different views I will also provide special mapping for this skin and work together whit the contr

Date added: Wed 01 Jul 15 @ 12:08 amLast update: Fri 07 Apr 17 @ 11:12 pm