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affection2u schreiben an Wed 04 Sep 13
HI I am new on here looking for female Djs to add on my list
LPspinner schreiben an Sat 31 Dec 11
happy New Year
medancefloor schreiben an Fri 29 Apr 11
Hi Conspired, are you willing 2 give me one more tip about the sound settings pls?
Got it all working now, exept for the headphone, so it's only audio 2 dj, without mixer, tought this would be piece of cake, but.......regards, Floor
medancefloor schreiben an Fri 01 Apr 11
Probably you wander why I didn't read the manual, but I don't have it.
medancefloor schreiben an Fri 01 Apr 11
Hi Conspired, it's me again. I'v got audio 2 DJ here now, but when I plug it in, the light is on for 5 seconds, and then seems to be dead. Do you pls have more tips about the settings? Don't have a mixer (yet)or so, thought it would be easy, but... Thanks in advance, bye amigo da musica.
medancefloor schreiben an Sat 12 Mar 11
Hi there,
After reading a bit about soundcards, I think this one is the best for me.
Want to keep it simple, only 2xstereo will do for me.
In the video they do talk about tractor all the time, so I was also curious if this one would work with VDJ. I'm totally new with VDJ, sorry for weird question, but can you please write some more about your experience with it? Tenx in advance
LPspinner schreiben an Thu 30 Dec 10
hey thanks for the add. ok you spinning in B-more. thats kool. i like Baltimore. Happy New year Conspired!!
djdad schreiben an Mon 20 Dec 10
Thanks for the add. Happy Holidays !