Hardware Manuals

Denon DJ - PRIME 4 - Layout  


The Denon DJ Prime 4 offers 2 Microphone inputs (connections at the rear) and this section offers their controls.

Note that the both the Microphone Inputs are not part of the USB Audio interface, meaning that their signals are controlled and processed by the hardware. All the buttons and knobs of this section send MIDI and could be mapped with a VDJ script action, but are un-assigned by default, as they perform hardware operation. If you need to assign them to a different action, keep in mind that the hardware operation will still be executed.

  1. TALKOVER. Enable/disable the Talk-over mode. When enabled, the Master output volume will be reduced if a signal is detected from a Microphone input.

  2. MIC 1/2 ON/OFF : Turn on/off the Microphone 1/2 input.

  3. MIC 1/2 LEVEL : Adjust the output volume of Microphone 1/2 input

  4. MIC 1 EQ : 3-Band Equalizer (Low-Mid-High) for Microphone Input 1

  5. MIC 2 EQ : 2-Band Equalizer (Low-High) for Microphone Input 2

  6. MIC ECHO LEVEL : Adjust the amount of the Echo Effect applied on both Microphone Inputs.

  7. MIC 1/2 ECHO : Enable/disable the Echo Effect on Microphone Inputs 1/2