Hardware Manuals

Mixars - Primo - Layout  

Mixer & Browser


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the left and right channels.

  2. VOLUME. Adjust the Volume of each channel.

  3. Cue (PFL) (per channel) Press these buttons to send each channel to the Headphones Output channel.

  4. COLOR FX PARAMETER. Adjust the parameter of the selected COLOR FX for each channel. When in middle position, the COLOR FX has no effect on the sound.

  5. LOW EQ. Adjust the Low frequencies for each Mixer channel.

  6. MID EQ. Adjust the Mid frequencies for each Mixer channel.

  7. HI EQ. Adjust the High frequencies for each Mixer channel.

  8. TRIM. Adjust the Gain of each Mixer channel.

  9. INPUT SELECTORS. Define the source of each Channel. Put the switchers to Deck 1/Deck 3 (for left side) or Deck 2/Deck 4 (for right side) position for software mixing.

  10. Master VOLUME. Adjust the level of the Master Output.

  11. BOOTH MONITOR. Adjust the level of the Booth Output.

  12. SAMPLER VOLUME. Adjust the Master Output Volume of the VirtualDJ Sampler

  13. CH INPUT VUMETER. Shows each channels input (pre fader) volume

  14. Master OUTPUT VUMETER. Shows the Master output volume of the unit.

  15. SOUND COLOR FX. Select one of the predefined Color Effects (Noise, Filter, Echo and Crush).
    Please note that the available Color Effects are offered by Mixars Primo Firmware and you cannot change/alter them through VirtualDJ (Hardware Effects)
    S SHIFT. Press and hold this button to access secondary functions (black lettering in white box) of other controls on Mixars Primo


  1. BROWSE:
    Turn: Scrolls through files or folders.
    Push: Change the focus of the browser between Songs and Folders lists.
    While focus is on Folders list hold down SHIFT and press the knob down to open/close the subfolders of the selected folder.

  2. LOAD: Press this button to load the selected track on the corresponding deck.
    Press this button fast twice (double click) to clone the song from the other deck.
    Hold down SHIFT and press this button to unload the deck.
Deck Controls