Jam Master Rob
I have been DJing since 2003 and I love it.

Mobile and Club DJ, MC, KJ, VJ,Triva Host, Singer, Musician, Sound tech, Promotion. If it involves music chances are that I'm into it.


Jam Master Rob schreiben an Thu 17 Feb 11
wow I need to check my wall more often. Thanks tracker!! I got it worked out. Danata Dj ro.....Thanks Tayla you're a huge help!
thetracker510 schreiben an Wed 26 Jan 11
Hey have a Great Day buddy! hope you try that fix for the skins yeah!
dJ_ro_(ecu) schreiben an Sat 22 Jan 11
gracias por el add ...
tayla schreiben an Mon 01 Nov 10
thanks for the add... if you think I can help in anyway just give me a shout.
Jam Master Rob schreiben an Wed 20 Oct 10
You're welcome Huey! I know what it's like to have a new little one around the house and a few sleepless nights as well.
the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Thu 07 Oct 10
Thanks man!!
the SOUND INSURGENT schreiben an Wed 06 Oct 10
Thanks for the add homie!!