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Custom Display

The Graphics User Interface (GUI) of the Reloop Touch Display is installed with the VirtualDJ Reloop Touch OEM from http://www.virtualdj.com/reloop/

In order the Reloop Touch GUI to appear on the unit's Display, you will need either to install the Reloop Touch OEM version of VirtualDJ from the link above (puts a RTOUCH.dat file in /Documents/VirtualDJ/Devices folder) or install this Add-on from http://www.virtualdj.com/plugins/index.html?addonid=80685 .

If you wish to customize/modify the Display of the Reloop Touch, you will need to install the Add-on from the link above. A Reloop Touch Skin.zip file will be then installed to the /Documents/VirtualDJ/Skins folder, which you can modify as any other skin, or create your own.

Just keep the top and bottom parts of the XML file like the following code.
<skin hidden="yes">

<window name="relooptouch" controllerWindow="yes" disableAccelmac="yes" controllerScreenWidth="1024" controllerScreenHeight="600" controllerScreenNameMac="Display" controllerScreenName="DisplayLink USB Device" width="1024" height="600" posx="0" posy="0" image="relooptouch" resize="false" shown="true">


The size of the Display is 1024 pixels width and 600 pixels height

It is also important to keep the same name for the zip file skin, in order to override the default one. If you wish to revert to the Default Reloop Touch GUI, you will need to delete or rename your custom zip skin file.

You can share your custom Reloop Touch skins with the VirtualDJ community by uploading at http://www.virtualdj.com/plugins/upload.html

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