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Q: What are filter folders and how do I create them?

Filter folders are special folders that will automatically filter your music library based on the criteria that you specify. They work in a similar way to the smart playlist feature in iTunes. Some useful purposes for filter folders include listing all your music (Regardless of the folder(s) that it is in), into categories such as: unscanned songs, most popular songs, most played, etc.

To create a filter folder:

Click on the Filter Folder icon at the top of the SideToolbar in the VirtualDJ browser.

Enter a name for the Filter Folder when prompted (example: Not Scanned)

Enter your filter criteria in the Filter box. As you type, the filter criteria will auto complete for the most common filters. For the Not Scanned Filter Folder that is being created here use the filter isscanned=0

Please see the Filter Folder Examples page for a full list of available criteria and a number of useful examples.

For more information on Filter Folders please see:

MANUAL Filter Folders

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