VirtualDJ 8 User Manual

Interface - Browser - Sideview


The Karaoke SideView offers a rotation manager to organize songs and singers in a list as well as provide commonly used Karaoke tools. The default view offers the Singer’s position in the rotation, the title and artist of the song, as well as the Singer’s name.


To create a list in the rotation manager, begin by dragging and dropping karaoke files from the File List.

Songs can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the file up or down the list.

Since the Karaoke Sideview is dependant on singer position, sorting by clicking on the fields in the header are not available like the Sidelist or Automix Sideview panels.

Highlight any track in the Karaoke view to reveal the microphone icon under the Singer field to add a Singer’s name to the associated karaoke song.

A new window will appear to add the Singer’s name. Enter the name of the Singer and click OK when finished.

Continue to add a Singer for each song in the list.

To activate the karaoke rotation, click on the Karaoke Start/Stop button located at the top right of the Karaoke SideView.

The first karaoke song in the list will be loaded to the active deck, and will wait for the play button to be pressed.

When the karaoke track has played through the end, the deck will stop and the next song in the list will be loaded and ready for the next singer in the rotation.

During this time background music (see karaoke options) can be played to fill the space between singers.


Karaoke Options are available to the right off the Karaoke Start/Stop button. Clicking on it will reveal various menu options to customize the Karaoke experience.

This menu also offers the ability to start or stop the Karaoke rotation as well as Background Music selection, Background Image, and Singer display options.

Background Music
The background music will be played during the breaks (from the time the Karaoke song ends until the moment the play button is pressed again for the next singer in the rotation). The source of the background music can be selected here.
Automix list
Select this list to play background music directly from the Automix SideView
Sidelist list
Select this list to play background music directly from the Sidelist SideView
Specific folder...
Select this option to play songs from a specific folder on your computer. This will open your operating system’s file menu. Allowing you to select an external folder for playback.
Specific file...
Select this option to play a specific song on your computer. This will open your operating system’s file menu. Allowing you to select an external file for playback.

Background image
Provides a configurable settings menu to customize how singer information and the background image is displayed on the main output screen during background music playback. (VirtualDJ Pro Only)

Displays the selected fields and their order. A field can be added or removed by typing or deleting a keyword from the provided list. The drop down menu will provide some commonly used templates.

The number of singers displayed on the video output can be adjusted by using the additional drop down menu.
Selects the font to be displayed. Clicking on the drop down menu will display all the fonts available on your operating system.

Choose the color of the text from 16 available choices.

Select the size of the font to be displayed

Choose the alignment of the text: Left, Center or Right.

Use the dropdown to select the default background image or no image at all. The Ellipsis (...) button can be used to select a custom image from your computer.

Note: The Karaoke Singer Display can be toggled on and off by mapping a custom button, controller button or keyboard shortcut using the VDJScript karaoke_show.


If the Karaoke Sideview is being used the History for each singer will be displayed in a seperate Karaoke History folder. Clicking on the Karaoke History will expand the folder to display each individual Singer’s history.

Clicking on each singer will display the karaoke tracks that they performed in the File List.